About me

Hey 👋🏼

My names Bethan Le Vien, I’m a 23 year old grad living in Cornwall.

My teens were a really tough time, and I grew up having little self-belief, feeling completely abnormal and cut out from society.

After being put into care, and repetitively told I wouldn’t make much of my life. I wouldn’t pass my GCSE’s, and I would be lucky to make it to my 20’s… You can imagine the self-accomplishment I felt when passing my GCSEs- A Levels-  and was finally qualified / old enough to run away to uni- find my people and my feet! 

Without realising it then, I wasn’t going to Uni for the right reasons. But instead going euphorically for myself. Meaning this revelation I had about being badassss independent women became nothing more than a seed  I took little action on.

Unfortunately, after repeating my first year of uni, and only just scraping it into my second I was professionally diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

This diagnosis didn’t give me relief- fulfilment- or satisfaction. But it did give me justifiable reason as to why I acted in certain ways/ and felt certain feelings in the past. And so I knew that if I could find the deep, physiological, root of my problem then I was one step closer to fixing myself!

From this point on I took action to change- The mentality behind it came from- if I could pass my GCSE’s when no one thought I could, then I was invincible, and I could achieve anything I focused my mind on!

I distanced from those serving me no purpose, became accustomed to hypnotherapy sessions, and went on the long- raw journey of self -discovery.

Throughout this last year, and pandemic;  living at home with little friends, and looking after my nan (who has dementia) I was forced to properly love myself, and to come out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions.

…And guess what?

I couldn’t be more grateful!

Fighting these discomforts  gave me the ultimate courage to take action on my itch, and to become a transformation, and confidence coach, for disempowered women, with little self-belief.

I strongly believe that you are entitled to the life you want. But without having the confidence, without being surrounded by the right kind of people, and without getting out of your comfort zone to grow, develop, and seek out something new- you will never find fulfilment. You will never reach your full potential, and you will never be completely satisfied with your life.

So ask yourself, what is it I want?

Is it happiness? Is it fulfilment? Is it self-belief and confidence?

As a coach in training, and with the life experience behind me- I am equipped with the right tools to help you transform your life, and implement that positive change you’re itching for!

I’ll support you, show love to you, and be there for you every step of the way.

I care about your life, even if you don’t.

So if finding self-belief, transforming your confidence, and finding your fulfilment is something you need right now, then please click on the link below, where you can book your free discovery call with me today!



I want you to full back in love with yourself. So don’t wait for change happen. Take control of your life and make that change today!