10 things that have helped me achieve a happy life!

In a recent post, I spoke in depth about my journey; struggles, and my relationship with exercise! 

Since then things have significantly improved! I’ve had minor setbacks, seen problems from a positive perspective, and found a deeper meaning to my life! 

So with that being said- after touching lightly on the things that had been helping me a lot recently on Instagram, I thought I’d elaborate on the list, since so many of you came back to me with some positive comments!  

1. Stop being your worst enemy and become your best friend!

Abort all negative thoughts you have about yourself and practice more positive ones!

Stop hating your reflection in the mirror, or calling yourself an idiot when you make a mistake

Replace these thoughts with positive ones;

Tell your reflection it’s sexy, and anyone would be lucky to have you!

Remind yourself you’re only human when you make a mistake, and that you can learn from this!

Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a loved one- the more you practice these things and start correcting the negative thoughts you’re saying, the more you begin to believe it!

2. Cancel out the energy drainers in your life!

Think about your social circle, or people you’re romantically involved with:

Do they make you sad, more times than they make you happy? Do they laugh at your ambitions rather than encourage you to achieve your goals? Are they thinking about their feelings whilst disregarding yours? When you call out their bad behaviour, do they manipulate it round to make you feel guilty?

These are energy drainers- and they are defined as energy drainers for no other reason but….  they drain your energy!

They hold you back; make you feel miserable, embarrassed or ashamed for just being you!

What good is that doing?

Keep these energy drainers on the sidelines of your life!

Whilst it may be hard to do, and you’ll probably want to mourn their loss, accept these negative shadows are pulling you back and putting a pause on your progress!

You can’t make everyone happy, nor can everybody make you happy. So focus on giving your good energy to people who truly care, and value your well-being!

3. Prioritise finding the positives and forget about the negatives!

Hearing this can be frustrating, especially when you’re stuck inside a thick grey cloud, with no sunlight in sight!

Unfortunately bad things will inevitably happen to us!
Although it may feel like the end of the world when we’re stabbed in the heart; pushed out of a job, or having an argument across social media, there’s always a lesson to be learnt, whether or not you can see it yet!

I found buying a grateful journal a helpful way to practice positive thinking! I begin, and end, every day writing three things I am grateful for; things I can do to make my day good, and things about my day which made it good! – I recommend this if you have a hard time getting into a positive mindset- it really makes you view your life from a more privileged perspective!

4. Cut down your Social media usage!

We’re currently living in a very hard, and confusing time- whilst it’s good to get involved, and a great tool  to educate yourself, soaking in all this bad energy 24/7 can have detrimental effects on your mental health!

Instead of waking up and reaching for your phone,  spend a few minutes lying in bed thinking about your day, planning what you’re going to achieve and practicing being present in the moment! – (Another reason why you should buy a grateful journey)!

Stop scrolling to find meaning, and significance- start living- do things that will make you feel good by the end of the day!

5. Exercise! – I recommend Yoga!

Like I’ve spoken about already, exercise really was my turn around, and incorporating it on a daily basis has begun to strengthen my mindset, confidence and perseverance!

Whilst I’ve been partaking in a fitness programme, and managing to exercise everyday (with the occasional slip up) my greatest love that’s come out of it, along with a stronger mentality and sexier body, is yoga!

Heck, I love it so much last week when I was rock bottom and lying hungover, slightly still drunk, I pushed myself out of bed to give it a go! –  Personally I don’t recommend this for those hungover mornings, since being in downward dog really did no favours to my headache, and I ended up feeling worse than when I started…  


Yoga truly is a calming, but still a very challenging form of exercise! It really helps me practice staying in the present moment; allows me to have a more appreciating, and loving, relationship with my body, and who doesn’t love the feeling of being able to touch their toes again!? 

Sidenote: Yoga doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems- and I can’t do this pose! 

6. Go and get yourself a journal to write in! 

Journaling is something I used to do when I was younger but sadly, when my sister uncovered it and spilled my teenager secrets out to my family, I really had a hard time writing again!  

Fortunately I worked through this trauma, and throughout the six months I’ve incorporated it, I’ve found it a great tool to relieve frustration; talk to myself positively, and exercise my emotions.

Journaling is a great way to acknowledge your blessings- it can be used to self-reflect, set-goals and motivate you to being better!

Finally, it helps to validate what’s actually important in my life- what’s worth my time, and what’s not!

7. Remember: you’re not weak for burning out, and you’ll be stronger after you’ve taken a break!

Whilst you may want to do everything in your power to make the world a better place; support your friends, start up a business, and get your body from a size 12 down to a size 10, you’re not going to be able to juggle so much in such a short amount of time! – unless of course you’re a superhero or incorporating class A’s into the mix!

Listen to your body, and what it’s telling you; give yourself a break if you need to re-set, and emotionally re-stabilise yourself!

Do not feel guilty about taking this break, and do not ignore the fact you may need a day off!

Short term it seems easy pushing your emotions to the side, substituting your sadness for bad substances, and pretending like your problems, or worries, aren’t there! 

Long term these small, insignificant, problems you kept inside will only manifest into something more suffocating! You’ll begin to hate yourself; the world, and everyone in it- sadly you’ll become the energy drainer that nobody wants to be around! 

Remember, it’s ok that shit things happen. But let’s not live in the shit for too long. When you begin to take accountability for your experiences, then  overtime you’ll notice you’ll need fewer ‘reset’ days anyway.

8. Communicate how you feel with those closest to you! 

In my next blog, I plan to write in depth about communication; it’s the key to a successful and stable relationship, whilst it’s also a great release on your mind, and helping you to depict questionable emotions!

Communicating how you feel, especially to those you can trust, can be what saves you from spiralling out of control!

If I hadn’t openly communicated how I felt, or spoken out aloud about my mental health- I would still be carrying around shame the stigma of it holds, or I would not be sitting alive today!

Granted, not all people you open up to will have your best interests at heart. I’ve experienced first hand those who will even make you feel more ashamed, and worse, for opening up…. energy drainers!
But this is another reason why it’s important to communicate- to spot those drainers in your life, and to help push you towards the right people!

Although it may seem like there’s not many good ones out there, you’re just not looking hard enough!

The more you begin to love yourself, and feel worthy of good things; caring, considerate, people will start to come into your life!

9.  Cry! And don’t be ashamed of doing it! 

You’re not a weak person for crying- you’re a normal one!

Scientifically proven crying releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids… In simpler words- it releases feel good endorphins that make you feel better.

Like a heavy downpour, eventually the storm will pass, the clouds will clear and the sun will shine again.

You always feel better after you have a cry right?  As long as you’ve confronted your emotions, and registered why, you’ll be to see a bigger picture; feel stronger and move forward in life!

10. Put a middle finger up to the opinions of others- do what makes YOU happy! 

Unfortunately in life, you’re never going to please everyone- and like I spoke about a lot in my last post, trying to please everyone is only going to stop your progress and silence your identity.

You have a voice, and you’re privileged to have a freedom of speech!

As long as your intentions are in a good place when you put something online, and you remain true to yourself- disregard those who don’t like it, because they are once again energy drainers – that will suck the good energy, and confidence out of your soul! 

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  1. Another excellent blog Beth; I totally agree with all the points – especially the cutting down on Social Media, as it is so full of toxicity today…….already looking forward to your next publication!

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