How can we possibly judge and label someone we don’t personally know?

The other morning I got into my car and drove.
With no destination in sight.
With just the road, and the feeling I wanted to keep driving and escape it all.
I understand why I reacted like this… And what I was escaping from.
So with love to myself, I choose to get my thoughts off my chest and share what’s triggered my emotions so much over the last couple of days.
Until last year I’d really kept my distance from social media.
I didn’t recognise I was so in fear of it.
Now I’m constantly challenging myself to step forwards, and stand out of the shadows.
Last week, I was witnessing a lot going on in the media.
What threw me off was regarding the comments and remarks Meghan Markle had been receiving after her story came out…
It resurfaced my fears, old feelings and times of my past.
When others created their own stories, statuses, and spam online about who I was, and what I’d done.
I remember the feeling of being suffocated.
Attempting to prove myself to others.
Fighting a losing battle.
Trying to ignore it.
Trying to hold my heavy head high.
Laughing off the embarrassment I felt.
Carrying shame.
Feeling trapped.
Like there was no way out.
Trying to run away from it.
Feeling like there wasn’t anywhere safe for me to be when members of my family joined in to create their own story or too to slash across social media…
Whilst the past is in the past, the feelings and fears can often creep back up when we’re caught off guard.
And so to anyone who has been personally affected, and triggered by any of the news in the last week, I see you, I hear you, I love you.
My inbox is open to you.
I will always admire every woman who is able to tell their stories, speak their truth, and stand out from the crowd when others…
Millions are writing it for them and putting their own creative spin onto it.
It’s courageous. It’s strength. And it’s inspiring.
My reasons for sharing this is because Meghan is just one out of thousands of women who share their story and get labelled and judged.
The repercussions of bearing witness to all of those who share, to get knocked down, is just as damaging to those who have yet to find their voice…
So the questions I’ve been pondering over for the last few days are, how can you label someone you personally do not know?
How is it possible to deny another person the truth they speak?
How would you feel if someone denied you of your truth?
Who is more ‘reliable’ as a source then the person themself?
How can we truly begin to step up, and empower others to speak out?

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