I’m ready for change. Are you?

For a while now I’ve felt lost. With both myself and the direction I wanted to take Lev’in’life.

By asking ‘what were my intentions when I started this a year ago.’Quickly, I realised depicting my past, and dissecting out trauma across my blog was no longer serving me purpose, and only serving me problems. 

The pisces in me deeply craved the need to help everyone; convinced sharing her experiences with trauma, would help others overcome there’s.

I’m grateful to everyone of you who has reached out to me with gratitude, support and appreciation on this journey.

I’ve learnt a lot from you all. But importantly I learnt that we’ve all been through shit in life. And shit happens to people everyday.

Shit is inevitable. Shit is what every human has in common.

So what does that mean? 

Having shit makes us normal! And if we are designed to face shit, over and over again then we were also designed to overcome it…


I’ve said it!

Every problem has a solution- and that solution is inside of you, waiting desperately to be found.

You have the capability of overcoming any problem!

Unfortunately I can’t give anyone advice, or pretend like I’ve got all the answers to your problems. Although we may have shared similar feelings, I’ve not shared the same experiences as you. And my energy feels wasted, and unnecessary rev-visiting uncomfortable situations I’ve now taken accountability for.

Instead I’ve decided with Lev’in’ Life to redirect my energy, and attention into all the solutions- into moving forwards and making impactful decisions that are benefitting my time more substantially. Whilst giving you as much value as I possibly can… Because you’re important and you deserve to feel great too!

And so here I am today.

Taking accountability for my past- recognising the shit I felt and experienced. And thanking all it all for what I’ve become from it.

Now I have recognised the blessing life has given to me, I now realise how much I’ve got to give back! I will empower the disempowered. And I will help others find happiness within themselves, by getting clarity on what it is they want!

I’m using my past as empowerment to focus on my future self, and what I’m going to make her into!

And guess what?


….She looks fcking great! 

I strongly believe that you are entitled to the life you want. But without having the confidence- without being surrounded by the right kind of people- and without getting out of your comfort zone to grow, develop, and seek out something new- you will never find fulfilment. You will never reach your full potential, and you will never be completely satisfied with your life. 

So ask yourself, what is it I want? 

Is it happiness? Is it fulfilment? Is it self-belief and confidence? 

As a coach in training, and with the life experience behind me- I am equipped to help you transform your life, and implement that positive change you’re itching for! 

I’ll support you, show love to you, and be there for you every step of the way. – I care about your life, even if you don’t feel deserving right now. 

So if finding self-belief, transforming your confidence, and finding your fulfilment is something you need right now, then please click on the link, where you can book your free discovery call with me today! 

Don’t wait for change- make that change today!

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