Dry January was life-changing!

We’ve almost reached the end of January- the end of the alcohol drought and the dark, cold, Misty mornings.

The thrill of fun festivities wore off quicker than the hangover. We’ve scraped through the month on pennies, and we’re finally settled back into our mundane regimes- Is it any surprise January is so hated by the masses?

I thought I’d write a blog reflecting back on my month- I haven’t written one in a while now, and January, in previous years for myself has always been a very flakey one. Therefore looking into February, I wanted to give you all a bit of hope, and positivity.

Woah… Hold up…. 

A new blog post AND a positive one… 

Am I feeling ok? 

As it turns out, I haven’t felt better!

In fact, I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of this month, especially when comparing it to both December, and this time last year.

Around Christmas time alcohol consumption was high. Of course!

Even with a bed-ridden flu, my festive spirit stubbornly refused to be defeated. My body asked me to stop, but still I drank. 

It’s no surprise I got more ill! And so in between the week of post- Christmas, and pre- New Year, I made the decision to partake in dry January. 

Although the last couple of years I’d given it a go, and failed miserably, this year felt different. 

This year I was doing it because I wanted to, and not for the trend it carries across social media.

I was doing it for myself; my mental, and physical health- I wanted to test my self-control and my willpower- if I could go to the pub with my friends and not give into the cold lager tap then I was going to be ok for the rest of the year. 

I was getting out of control you see- blacking out- doing crazy sh**t- living life like I was still a student- waking up late in the afternoon; anxiety saturating me!

Since there’s only a week left of the month; I’m still appreciating my sobriety state and feeling better than ever, I thought it only right to give myself, and everyone else who’s made it this far, some appraisal. 

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I feel like a new woman- reborn and wise- I hope you do too!

Dry January has been such a positive change in my life-my body’s recovered so much in such a short space of time- I have energy to workout- motivation to get up before 9- my days have been a lot more productive- my skin’s never been better- I no longer struggle to fall asleep at night, and I’m not waking up with the classic beer fear!  

Surprisingly, January has been a great month for myself!

I say surprisingly because I had no expectations going into this year; only an idea of where I wanted to be by the next! – I’d set the same long-term goal last year, but had made zero effort in getting there. 

This year was my do-over!

I made January a month to work on myself! 

To actually work on myself, and not just say it!


I set myself short –term goals; things I wanted to achieve to help me along the way to reaching my long-term goal. 

My short-term goals started simple; dry January, passing my driving test, and finding a job that isn’t hospitality… (I’m still working on the job)!

Once I’d said no to a pint on my first pub outing, I’d already felt a sense of self-accomplishment, and from there, everything became easier.  

The increased short-term goals I achieve- the better I feel- the more I crave to set to better myself. 

For example; showering and eating breakfast before nine- 

Something which was a struggle to begin with, being unemployed, but now, I’m waking up at seven and usually out of the house, sat in a coffee shop, by 9:30/ 10:00 . 

sidenote: I still spend an hour sitting downstairs drinking lots of coffee and doing nothing, but I can get away with doing it now since I’m waking up earlier.

In order to achieve a long-term goal you’ve set yourself, you must first set little goals; else the gap to where you are now- to where you want to be late feels unreachable, whilst also  kind of daunting. 

Change is about the little steps we take- an eyas can’t just fly the nest because it was born with wings.

Think about yourself a year ago- and now- think about yourself in the present. 

Have you changed? 

How have you changed?

Do you like the person you’ve changed into?

If yes- were there anything else you’d like to work on, in order for you to like yourself anymore?

If no- what can you do to change your answer to a yes? 

Everything comes with patience; patience is gained by appreciating what we have now; what’s around us, and, what we didn’t have a year ago.

Remember, this is your life. 

You make the choices, you take the steps that create the directions, and you have to decide whether you like the person looking back at your reflection, more, than worrying about other people liking it.

Finally, to all my dry January drinkers- before you go into February- excited to have a drink and booze up with your pals – ask yourself how has your dry January been?

Do you want to go back to your old ways? Do you miss how you used to feel? Are you dying to be drunk? Are you looking forward to feeling hungover? 

It’s bizarre how my friends seem to be more bothered about my sobriety state than I am- the boring one- sitting happy with her non-alcoholic beer, no longer wishes herself a pint.

Dry January, and the positive effects it has had, feels redundant if I’m going to go back to old habits. 

Come February, I will be drinking in moderation.

Seeing the dramatic changes to both my mental, and physical health, has made me re-address the Government’s recommended guidelines to drinking. 

We’re all very good at ignoring them aren’t we? 

As it turns out we should only be drinking 14 units across the whole week… That’s only 6 pints! 

I thought I’d re-address this since comparing it to myself- when I sat in a pub I’d at least have three pints a night…

No wonder why cutting alcohol out now has felt so great!

FYI- NON-ALCOHOLIC BEERS TASTE THE SAME! (Slightly more watery, yes,) but if like me, you just like the taste of the beer, without necessarily needing the effects, then I can’t recommend them enough! 

– hangover free too!

Yes, your friends might call you boring- you’re doing something outside of the norm- so what? You feel great, you’re in a better headspace, why change that because all jokes are on you.

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