How Hypnotherapy benefited my life!

I strode into the safe, snug, candlelit room on Tuesday, feeling content as I took my usual seat, opposite Helen.

Like at the start of every hypnotherapy session, she asked how I was feeling out of ten. 

Although I’d said 7, ten minutes later, unexpectedly, I began feeling emotional.

I say unexpectedly, since I hadn’t ever cried on that chair before, and for those first ten minutes I’d been talking indubitably about my week; the things I’d done, and what I’d achieved since our last meeting.

Hypnotherapy has been helping me to dissect the good things that have occured, or I’ve achieved, throughout my week. To not dwell on the negatives but instead, practice praising the positives. – A lesson in which we all can learn to do!

It’s been two months since I began having hypnotherapy, and I’d started negotiating coming off of sertraline; feeling so high from the fumes of the serotonin, and my own personal growth.

Unfortunately, there was always something stopping me- the same thing that had brought me back down to a 7 this time around, and the reason why tears began to form a soft stream down my cheek as I spoke through a strangled throat. 

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s all about being in a deeply relaxed state, and helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

You’re still able to control everything you’re doing.

The stigma attached- someone clicking his, or her, fingers and having ‘a word’ that can put you under at any time- is a myth.

You spend 30 minutes talking about your week- how you’ve been feeling, things you’ve achieved, and how you’d like to progress and improve into the next, talking actions and strategies. For the other half of the session you’re lying on a couch, put into a deep relaxation, with your subconscious, and primitive mind, being fed positive affirmations you wouldn’t necessarily be able to give to yourself when the stress bucket is full.

I spoke a lot about the feeling and thinking brain in another post– well hypnotherapy works on that feeling brain- the primitive mind.

The primitive mind can become obsessional, and when it’s negative, it’s like a car running low on petrol. If we keep on driving, eventually, we’ll run out of fuel, and breakdown. 

Helen describes this as a stress bucket- all the little things we worry about in our lives- deadlines, jobs, tasks we need to get done- all being filled into the bucket.

When we begin to feel overwhelmed, we run; hide, avoid and procrastinate- our primitive mind goes into fight or flight mode and our stress bucket fills up more.

The fuller the bucket, the harder it is to focus, to feel confident in our abilities, and to get a good night sleep.

Instead of the bucket emptying out, like it’s supposed to do when our brains switch off at night, it continues to fill, and so when we wake up, we’re still tired. We’re still stressed; our bucket filling up until there’s no longer space. Until it overflows and our emotions start pouring out, over, the top.

When the bucket is overflowed we go into a high fight or flight mode, creating excess adrenaline around our body- this is when the feelings of nervousness, self-doubt and avoidance and panic attacks come into play.

When we’re able to properly relax, like you are in a hypnotherapy session, the problems transfer out of the stress bucket, and into the intellectual part of the brain, where we can begin to start thinking logically about things again.

“When you physically relax, you can mentally relax”

Hypnotherapy will work on anyone who allows him, or herself, to be completely relaxed in another’s presence. It can help tackle anything- feeling confident about yourself- feeling confident about your body image- feeling confident and comfortable in social situations- help to set reachable goals- help you to think positively about the future.

In a nutshell- it wishes the bad thoughts you don’t want to be having, away.

Walking out of the session this week didn’t make me feel, because I had cried, like it wasn’t working.

I felt more invincible- I’d been so strong to not allow this thing to affect my day-to-day life.

In that moment, I was more aware of why I was partaking in weekly hypnotherapy sessions; wondering where I would be, or how I’d be feeling now, if I hadn’t been.

Nothing significant had changed in my life for the past two months, except the positive outlook I now projected onto myself, about myself, and my current situation. I was coping much better socially, and I was growing a lot more confidence in myself, and my abilities. 

This is something to bare in mind.

Hypnotherapy sessions don’t solve your problems, but instead help you to relax your mind to deal with it more effectively and more positively- when we can imagine good things for ourselves, like magic, these good things occur.

Things I once gave a f*ck about, that kept me up late, most nights, don’t cross my mind anymore.

Having a safe space to talk, and relax for an hour a week, really does help the mind stop to worry about the insignificant things you know you shouldn’t be worrying about in the first place.

Furthermore, the 30 minutes of sitting down and talking over things, positively, is what’s been keeping me sane. Someone’s actually interested in hearing what I have to say- making me feel good for the things I am currently doing, and not comparing it negatively to something in their life.

Tuesday was evidence that when things are tough, remaining positive can’t always be easy.

Life throws us unexpected curveballs at times; we begin to get overloaded pressure, or there’s something persistently stopping us from being at our happiest.

I decided to write this little post about hypnotherapy- to encourage anyone with negative thoughts, and/ or anxious mannerisms to give it a go. 

When there’s both an explanation for our emotions, and a solution, it’s worth investing yourself into trying something new isn’t it?

Unfortunately, it’s not a one time thing and you’re cured, kind of scenario. It’s a long process that requires time, money and attention. However, the beneficial outcomes are worth it if this bad mindset is affecting your ability to live productively, and happily, on a daily basis.

I’m finally getting plenty of sleep, feeling confident in myself, and being kept positive and  motivated to succeed, even when my goals seem so unreachable. Below I’ve added Helen’s Facebook account,  so that if anyone around Cornwall would like to get in contact, or find out more, then they can!

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