10 things that will help you achieve a happy life!

In a recent post, I spoke in depth about my journey; struggles, and my relationship with exercise!  Since then things have significantly improved! I’ve had minor setbacks, seen problems from a positive perspective, and found a deeper meaning to my life!  So with that being said- after touching lightly on the things that had been […]

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Mental Health

Never apologise for how you feel.

Maybe it’s because there’s been a full moon I’ve been battling with insomnia these last couple of nights, and nothing to do with the problems I’ve chosen to bottle up…. Either way, I’m back. It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog- I’m sure my non-existent thousands of fans are as heartbroken […]

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Dry January was life-changing!

We’ve almost reached the end of January- the end of the alcohol drought and the dark, cold, Misty mornings. The thrill of fun festivities wore off quicker than the hangover. We’ve scraped through the month on pennies, and we’re finally settled back into our mundane regimes- Is it any surprise January is so hated by […]

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